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Artificial Intelligence for the next generation.

  • Big data is pervasive through all organisations, from life sciences, banking, manufacturing, retail, government and healthcare – all are transforming how they operate by harnessing this data to make better decisions, products and services.
  • At AlgoLabs we believe in the power of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Data Science as offering a suite of tools (such as Machine Learning algorithms) to help make sense of big data.
  • We teach our students to apply A.I. techniques on big data sourced from our industry partners.
  • We are guided by solid academic practices to ensure that the way we use and interpret output from A.I. tools is ethically sound.

Fostering mutually beneficial partnerships between business, students and academia since 2016.


AlgoLabs partners with businesses to create projects for STEM students, where the goal is to solve real-world problems.


AlgoLabs has well established links with academia, its founders David and Siân Lindsay progressed from being STEM PhD students into the business world, so they are familiar with all parties.

STEM Students

STEM students come equipped with the necessary skills to work in Data Science such as coding, mathematics, statistics, problem solving and are well versed with the scientific method.


AlgoLabs attempts to bridge the gaps between business, STEM students and academia. Our backgrounds reflect that of the people we serve.

Business overlaps with Academia

Partnerships open doors to knowledge transfer and research collaborations, often supported by Government funding.

Business overlaps STEM students

Businesses benefit by demonstrating investment in and subsequent access to a pipeline of talented future employees, helping to meet ESG goals.

Academia overlaps with STEM students

Academic institutions recognise the value of partnerships in improving the student learning experience and employability goals. Students develop valuable, authentic Data Science skills and experience to positively shape their career trajectories.

Business Research Knowledge transfer Funding Real world problems Talent pipeline Enhanced student learning Employability Academia STEM students

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Our partners.

Here are a few of the businesses and institutions we have collaborated with over the years.

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