Online Course Material.... Coming Soon!

We are in the process of building our online course material covering a range of topics from quantitative finance to machine learning. Below are a few sample outlines of these courses.

FX/CFD Brokers 101

In this course we look at:

  • Recognising and evaluating the role of a typical FX/CFD Broker in the wider financial markets
  • Describe what currency pairs and CFD’s are and how they are traded
  • Interpret real currency price charts, applying both technical and fundamental analysis
  • Understand the core tick and trade data used by brokerages
To see a draft outline click here.

Practical Applications of Machine Learning Using Python

In this course we look to:

  • Demystify the “magic” of Machine Learning (ML) by giving an overview of the basic mathematics behind the algorithms
  • Understand the basic’s of how datasets are constructed for supervised ML
  • Have a general overview of different types of ML algorithms, classification, regression, clustering, rule mining etc
  • Gain experience of using libraries such as numpy, pandas, pickle, sklearn.
  • Look at examples of pipelines to apply ML to real world datasets from Kaggle using Python

To see a draft outline click here.