Practically useful research starts with well-defined projects.

We offer expertise in designing customised Data Science projects tailored to a range of requirements.

AlgoLabs provides a bespoke approach to developing Data Science projects to suit both business and student needs. Projects can be tailored according to:

  • Student skills and experience
  • Strategic drivers
  • Time frames
  • Legacy systems
  • Data types
  • Budgets

Who are our students?

The projects we develop at AlgoLabs are suited for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) students who are confident in areas such as coding, statistics, problem solving and the scientific method.

The most profound learning experiences come from working with real data and real problems.

We work with business partners to provide real-world projects that allow students to apply their STEM knowledge and skills. This approach promotes authenticity, which drives intrinsic motivation and helps facilitate deep, lifelong learning.

Understanding data through 3 (overlapping) lenses.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, and Data Engineering are sometimes confused with each other, but they are distinct fields. However, data is central to all of them, and we approach our projects and research with a holistic understanding of their intersections – Machine Learning, Software Engineering, and Data Wrangling.


Makes use of algorithms to make autonomous actions, often modelled after natural intelligence possessed by animals and humans.


The process of collecting data from multiple sources, building scalable infrastructure to clean, process and store the data repositories (such as databases) for end users.


Combining the need for domain expertise, coding skills and knowledge of maths/statistics to extract meaningful insights from data. Often credited with bringing about the fourth industrial revolution. There has been an explosion of data and a growing need for industries to rely on data to create better products and services.


Data is at the heart of all our projects and research. The challenge is to structure it effectively and by using the right tools and algorithms to harness its potentialto enable businesses to make better decisions, products and services


Software Engineering is the process of applying design, evaluation, development, testing and maintenance of computer software.


Machine Learning is asubfield of A.I. that enables systems to learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed.


Data Wrangling is the process of transforming and mapping from one “raw” data form into another format. It often involves removing errors and combining complex datasets to make them more accessible and easier to analyse.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE developing intelligent systems DATA WRANGLING MACHINE LEARNING DATA ENGINEERING building scalable infra- structure DATA DATA SCIENCE driving business and user decisions SOFTWARE ENGINEERING

Short term projects

  • Minimum duration for an effective short-term project is about 4 weeks.
  • Maximum duration = 12 months.
  • Most take place on a full-time basis over 2-3 months, which integrates well with typical academic calendars.
  • Most of our students undertake projects during summer months.
  • Others have preferred to work on projects part-time in conjunction with academic studies to complement these.
  • For example some students may choose a project which can be assessed as a final year project.

Please click here for an example short-term project specification and here for its accompanying primer / preparatory material.

Long term projects

  • Duration over 12 months but usually no more than 3 years.
  • Unlike our short-term projects which have more rigid objectives in order to meet tighter deadlines, longer term projects have objectives which are more flexible to change and adaption according to how the project develops overtime.
  • Though the themes of our longer-term projects are well-defined, they are often exploratory in nature.

Please click here for an example long-term project specification.

Our partners.

Here are a few of the businesses and institutions we have collaborated with over the years.

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